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"A medieval walled village"

"Uma vila medieval murada"

A historical medieval village at the Silver Coast

Óbidos is an old historical medieval walled village. This is located around 1 hour away in the north of Lisboa, at the Silver Coast. Óbidos is a charming village where the history comes alive. It also has some famous Portuguese products. Read further to discover them all.

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What should I see in Óbidos?

Óbidos is a place on the silver coast, in the western central part of Portugal. It has a typical medieval view and feeling. Must see and do over here, are the small charming streets, the castle, walking over the walls and taste the Ginja in chocolate cups. Because Óbidos is situated in a short distance of Lisboa, it is easy to reach this charming village by bus, train and car from the capital of Portugal.

The medieval walled village stands out in the whole region

obidos village overview medieval walled unesco portugal
"The wall characterizes the village and region"

Óbidos is characterized by it’s large wall around the village with at the highest point the castle. As you see on the image above, it stand out in the whole region. You can walk on the 2 km long wall. But be careful! Because, it is very narrow and at some points dangerous. There also is no protection at the city side. Especially with humid weather, the wall is more dangerous and not recommended for walking.

obidos medieval village wall portugal unesco
obidos history castle wall medieval middle ages
obidos village castle wall portugal silver coast
obidos castle medieval history middle ages

A wonderful entrance

obidos portugal medieval walled village entrance silver coast
"An entrance to inspire you"

An entrance full of azulejos, the typical blue Portuguese tiles. When you enter the medieval village, you immediately get an impression of the warm charming feeling in this town.

Inside this medieval village

"Feels like a charming city, but it is a small village"
obidos medieval village overview
obidos alojamento castelo tiago castle village medieval
obidos medieval main square portugal unesco history

Enter the village center and you discover it by yourself. Óbidos has a lot of small streets with cobblestones. In the middle of the main streets is a stroke of marble. By walking through these small streets, you get the feeling of walking through a charming city. But, yes this still is a small village at the Silver Coast near Peniche.

obidos small streets medieval unesco village
obidos small streets stairs medieval unesco

Ginja de Óbidos

obidos ginja licor chocolate cup portugal silver coast
"The cherry liqueur in a chocolate cup"

A well known product of this village is Ginja in chocolate cups. If you plan a trip to this nice village, tasting a liqueur Ginja de Óbidos in a chocolate cup is a must do. This is called the best cherry liqueur of Portugal.

obidos azulejos history ginja licor chocolate

A huge medieval summer festival

"The medieval history comes alive"

In the mid-summer, there is a grand medieval festival in the village. This is a well known great festival where you have the possibility to completely immerse yourself into the time of the Middle Ages, with medieval food and drinks and they replay the medieval war of the Portuguese against the Spaniards.

obidos medieval market summer unesco history
obidos castle view medieval market history portugal

How to plan your trip to Óbidos?

"A nice day trip or experience it from inside"

Óbidos is a nice town for a day trip. From Lisboa, you reach this charming town in almost 1 hour. A bus stops at the entrance of the village. This bus drives between Lisboa and Caldas da Rainha. Enjoy the whole medieval experience over here by staying for a night or 2. So, you have the time to get the whole feeling. Especially in the summer time, with the medieval market, is this a great idea.

obidos aquaduct history medieval village water unesco
obidos paderia pastelaria portugal silver coast

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