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Discover the country of the most western discoverers of Europe

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“A passion to discover and inform”

Welcome, Bem-vindo !

Lindo Portugal, literally means “Beautiful Portugal”. Portugal is the most south-western country of Europe and situated at the Atlantic Ocean. Famous facts most people already know from this amazing country are port wine, fado, pasteis de nata and surfing.

Our goal to inform you

“Experience the secrets relaxed with passion” will guide you through this beautiful country and let you know which wonderful secrets it still has available to discover. On this site, you find information about different places, trips, customs and tips explained in an easy and attractive way. Our mission is to bring it in way as you experience it by yourself in a relaxing way, with real stories and really made photos and videos, without corrections by photoshop or other programs. Because we want to bring them the same way like everyone feels it when he/she visits this place.

How we started

“Discovering is a passion”

Our vision started the same way like the Portuguese people discovered the world over sea, starting in the 13th-14th century. So, we stand for the spirit of discovering as the word says, with respect for each culture and each personality and learn from each other. This means also that we give the information, but you also have to discover a lot by yourself when visiting Portugal.


Have a nice time here. Hopefully this site will be a nice guide for you to discover more from Portugal. Let it be the source of inspiration to visit Portugal by yourself in another way.

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Até já! Adeus! Tchau!

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