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Your privacy is one of our highest priorities. As well as the user-friendly, usability and navigation aspect of our site are very important. So for these latest reasons, we use cookies on our site These are to analyze our site. It allows us to improve the user experience of our site and the different pages. We don't save any personal data of you on our servers or our partner tools, as Google Analytics, without your consent.

In the policy below, you learn more about why we are using cookies on this site. While, at the end of this page, you find out what cookies are.

Why we use cookies

The reasons why we are using cookies on this site:

  • Analyze the traffic with Google Analytics to improve the user experience
  • Provide social media features
  • Personalize content and ads
  • We share information with our social media, advertising and analytics partners, who can combine it with other information that you have provided or collected by them from the use of those services.

Due to the European GDPR-guidelines, press the "CONSENT"-button if you consent to these rules.

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Cookie information

"Our cookies are to improve your experience"

What are cookies?

Cookies are little text-files saved on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) when you visit some sites on the internet. The usage of this kind of technology to get access to a site is a common practice and does not harm the users’ equipment (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Each browser allows the user to refuse the use of this kind of files or delete those that have already been stored. See your browser settings how you can do that.

Cookies play an important role in the functionality of some sites and in accessing different contents, allowing to understand how the site is used by its users/visitors and to facilitate their respective navigation, in order to ensure a better experience of using the site.

Why do we use cookies? stores cookies for Google Analytics that are used to improve the performance and experience for their users, as legally permitted.

Cookies stored from are not used to record any personal or confidential information, nor to register internet browsing outside of Cookies stored on do not identify the user, but only the used equipment information (browser, screen resolution, operating system, etc) and actions

(clicks) made by the user on the site This allows us to improve your browsing experience and helps us to associate your equipment with your preferences or provide you with content that we understand that may be of interest for you.

Cookie categories

On our site, we use 4 types of cookies:

Necessary cookies:

Necessary cookies are for the good and efficiently working of our site These register the navigation of the user during his visit on the site without identifying him. They are automatically deleted when he leaves

Functional cookies:

These are not necessary for the working of the site. They identify users whenever they access specific pages. So, functional cookies optimize the browsing experience of the user and usability on These cookies remain on the computer system until they are deleted by the user.

Analyzing cookies:

These cookies are to analyze the website with Google Analytics. With these cookies, it is possible to measure the amount of visitors and their return frequency, visited pages, the activity of the user and the most/less popular pages of the website. They give us the information about the website performance. These are the cookies of Google Analytics that are placed on your equipment.

Other cookies or third party cookies:

Third party websites and providers place some cookies, with the permission of They are necessary for the good working of their tools. Some examples are YouTube (Alphabet Inc.) and advertising by using affiliate programs. The third party provider place this kind of cookies directly.

How to manage cookies?

By continuing browsing on and unless you have disabled cookies, you consent to their

use in accordance with this Cookie Policy. If you choose to disable cookies, all or some pages, posts or tools of the site may not function properly and the browsing experience may degrade considerably.

Every browser allows you to view the cookies that exists on your equipment and block or delete them, individually or all together. You can find them in your browser settings and development tools.

To obtain and consult more information about cookies, their use and how to manage your cookies preferences, you can consult the specific help pages of your browser or generic pages on this topic.

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