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“The typical Portuguese gastronomy”

Basic food in the typical Portuguese gastronomy

Food eat and drink comida bebida
“No reason needed to relax and enjoy the moment with a coffee break”

Food in Portugal is a whole gastronomy. In Portugal , they have a huge restaurant culture. And there basic food is so delicious. While it is enriched with herbs and spices, you still get the basic taste of your products. Everywhere you can eat and drink and enjoy the moment. It is always a good moment for a coffee break with something sweet. Or do you love more something salt? No problem! There is no reason needed to relax and enjoy the moment.

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comidas food meal eat
“Delicious basic food”

The food in Portugal is based on basic products. But also so rich and delicious. Because the Portuguese discoverers brought, over sea, a lot of herbs and spices from other parts of the world to Portugal. So these enrich the basic food a lot and make it so delicious. But while you still get the basic taste of your product.

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bebidas drinks food
“Healthy and famous drinks”

Portugal has a lot of delicious drinks to discover. There are healty juices. Or what do you think of a good wine or a beer? Of course, there is the famous Port Wine. Finally, did you know that Portugal is a big coffee country? You learn it all in our posts below.


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