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Licor Beirão

"From a medicine to a typical liqueur of Portugal"

"Duma medicina a um licor típico de Portugal"

Licor Beirão from a medicine to a typical liqueur of Portugal

Portugal has a lot of liqueurs to drink as aperitif or digestif. One of the most famous liqueurs of Portugal is Licor de Beirão. Which made the twist from medicine to a typical liqueur of Portugal. What is it? Why is it so popular? And how transformed Licor Beirão from a medicine to a typical liqueur of Portugal? That are the questions to which this post will give an answer.

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What are the topics of this post?

The origin of Licor Beirão * What is the taste? * How to drink? * Licor Beirõ d'Honra

Some basic facts about Licor Beirão

licor beirao from medicine to typical liqueur of Portugal bottle 70cl traditional standard



From year:

Alcohol percentage:


Quinta do Meiral, Lousã

Beira, Central Portugal

19th Century


sweet, citrus, honey

"O que é que se bebe aqui?"
É o Licor Beirão!

The origin of Licor Beirão

"From the 19th century out of Central Portugal"

Licor Beirão has its origin in the 19th century, out of the former Beira region. This part of Portugal is now better known as Central Portugal, between the Douro river and Tagus river. The old Beira province are now the 5 districts Aveiro, Viseu, Guarda, Coimbra and Castelo Branco. As well as the north of the Leiria district. More specifically comes this liqueur, which is a feast for the taste buds, from the city of Lousã, where the headquarter still is situated.

beira licor beirao old provinces portugal map

Liqueur as a medicine

A pharmacist created this liqueur as a medicine against stomach complaints. But it also is effective against ear, nose and throat disorders. In the past, alcohol-based medicines were very popular. The Licor Beirão became very popular, also to drink as aperitif or digestif. Especially, after J. Carranca Redondo and his family bought the Quinta do Meiral in 1970. This is how Licor Beirão grew into a typical Portuguese liqueur.

What is the taste of this typical liqueur Licor Beirão?

"A mix of a lot of tastes"

Licor Beirão is a nice liqueur with a sweet taste combined with orange, a lot of spices and some shades of anise. The alcohol percentage is 22%. This liqueur is a protected product. Only a few people and the family Redondo knows the real recipe. So, the real ingredients are a top secret. But, some ingridents are water, sugar, alcohol, plant distillates and caramel. Some known used herbs are mint, lavendar and cinnamon. It also is made from a double distillation.

mint herb plant licor beirao medicine to typical liqueur popular famous green cocktails fresh
herb lavendar licor beirao medicine to typical liqueur blue purple
cinnamon licor beirao medicine typical liqueur portugal herb pasteis de nata popular famous

How to drink the Licor Beirão?

"Pure or make cocktails"

You can drink it pure or use as a basis for cocktails. When you drink it pure, drink the Licor Beirão in a small glass with some ice. "Licor Beirão on the rocks", or better "Licor Beirão nas rochas". Or you can go for a small longdrink glass. But, I prefer to drink the Licor Beirão in a balloon glass with a small opening. In this way, you can place your nose in the glass to let the scent completely reach you. Personally, I love it to first absorb this scent before I taste the impressive flavours palette of the Licor Beirão. Ideal to relax.

licor beirao medicine to typical liqueur portugal glass with ice drink standard
licor beirão longdrink ice glass from medicine to typical liqueur portugal central beira
liqueur balloon glass licor beirão portugal typical liqueur

Typical cocktails with Licor Beirão

Do you more prefer to make a cocktail? Also fine! Popular cocktails with Licor Beirão are Caipirão and Morangão. Caipirão is a variant of the famous Brazilian Caipirinha, where the sugar and cachaça (or white rum) are replaced with the Licor Beirão. Morangão is a cocktail with Licor Beirão and strawberries. Or what do you think of Beirão Lemon, where you compare the Licor Beirão with a tonic.

licor beirao typical liqueur portugal cocktails caipirao caipirinha morangao

Licor Beirão d'Honra: a honor to the typical liqueur of Portugal

"100 Years of honor"

To celebrate 100 years of José Carranca Redondo, "o pai do Licor Beirão", they made a unique version of this fantastic liqueur. They enriched the liqueur with aged brandy, aguardente. The name of this version is Licor Beirão d'Honra, which was intended to be a limited edition. Licor Beirão d'Honra has a unique and engaging flavour and is intended for unique and memorable moments: "word of Honor".

licor beirão from medicine to typical liqueur of portugal d'honra 100 years jose carranca redondo
"Respect the tradition"
licor beirao d'honra from medicine to typical liqueur portugal 100 years homage balloon glass

When you can get such a bottle, you absolutely have to drink the Licor Beirão d'Honra in a larger balloon glass, pure and without ice. So, that the whole scent comes to you when you enjoy this special version and celebrate your own unforgettable moment. Respect the tradition and honor th father of the Licor Beirão.

Final thoughts about Licor Beirão as a typical liqueur

"Ideal to relax and use as a medicine"

Personally, I am always in for a glass of Licor Beirão. I like to taste and enjoy the scent and flavour. Wonderful and ideal to relax. And indeed, yes, I still use this fantastic liqueur as a medicine. When I feel not good or feel an upcoming cold, I drink a small glass of Licor Beirão before I go to sleep. Mostly the next day, I feel myself much better.

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