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Água das Pedras

"The naturally salted spring water"

"A água de nascente naturalmente salgada"

Água das Pedras as the naturally salted spring water

I understand, you think water is water. But in this post, I want to tell you something more about a famous brand of water of Portugal. This water is Água das Pedras, which is known as a therapeutic water. Read this post to learn more about Água das Pedras as the naturally salted spring water of Portugal.

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Naturally sparkling and salted spring water

"Sparkling water from the source with a therapeutic effect"

Água das Pedras is known as drinking water naturally enriched with salt. It is sparkling water straight from the source as well. Yes indeed, you read it right, sparkling water without added carbonic acid. A legend also tells that the water of the spring of Água das Pedras has some therapeutic effects.

"Salt by the stones"

The natural salt which is so typical for Água das Pedras comes from the stones in the river over which the water flows. This determines the typical taste of this water brand. Because Portugal has a warm climate, it can be very important to maintain your salt level in your body. Because when you sweat, you lose a lot of salt. This is why a lot of people in Portugal like it to drink a naturally salted water like Água das Pedras.

agua das pedras natural salted spring water nature green

A history of more than 150 years

"Famous water with a history"

Already in the 19th century, a doctor already qualified a source of high quality water with therapeutic effects in the north of Portugal. This was the beinning of Água das Pedras, which grew into a 100% natural sparkling spring water and a famous product in Portugal.

agua das pedras bottles water multi color taste flavours

Água das pedras in a lot of different tastes

"Enriched with fruits"

The most well known version is the 100% natural one, the classic Água das Pedras in a green bottle. But, these days you find a lot of different tastes of this therapeutic natural sparkling water. It is possible to find a flavour with lemon, red fruits, passion fruit or tangerine. Of course, from time to time, the flavours are expanded with new tastes and versions. Aside the natural version, my personal favourite flavours are lemon and passion fruit, or in Portuguse "maracujá".

auga das pedras natural salted spring water lemon taste limao yellow bottle
auga das pedras as the natural salted spring water red fruits frutas vermelhas
auga das pedras maracuja natural salted spring water passion fruit
auga das pedras natural salted spring water tarangina

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