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"The Portuguese cherry liqueur"

"O licor da cereja portuguesa"

Ginja the Portuguese cherry liqueur

Liqueur is one of the famous products in Portugal. Here we talk about the famous ginja berries infused in alcohol and added extra sugar. This is Ginja the Portuguese cherry liqueur. Sometimes it also is called Ginjinha. In this post, I tell you more about this famous liqueur. Taste with us this delicious drink, with or without a fruit.


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Ginja, Ginjinha, a delicious cherry liqueur

"A delicious shot of liqueur"
ginja obidos taste portuguese cherry liqueur licor copo cups

If you already visited Lisboa, or the region around, you may discovered it. There are a lot of small bars where you can taste a shot of a delicious liqueur. Here they sell Ginja the Portuguese cherry liqueur. Mostly you can choose with or without fruit.

"Sour cherry berries, aguardente and sugar"

You drink Ginja in a shot. Sometimes in a shot glass, sometimes in a chocolate cup. This last one is famous for the Ginja de Óbidos. To make Ginjinha, ginja berries (sour cherry) are infused in aguardente, an alcohol. Extra sugar is added and sometimes also cinnamon, which is a famous product in Portugal. The final product has around 18% ABV.

"A typical Portuguese product"

Because it is a famous liqueur, you maybe think it also is famous out of the country. Nothing is less true. Around 90% of the Ginja liqueur is drunk in Portugal itself. They only export around 10% of the liqueur. So, it is a product to typical taste in Portugal itself. Personally, I only can confirm this. For most products, nothing beats the taste in his region of origin.

Where do you find the Ginja liqueur?

"Mostly found in the Oeste and around Lisboa"

Ginja liqueur can be found anywhere in the country. Many places and regions have opportunities to taste Ginja. The most famous onces are in Lisboa and the Oeste region, especially in Óbidos.

List of places to taste Ginja the Portuguese liqueur

  1. Lisboa (Lisbon)
  2. Óbidos
  3. Alcobaça
  4. Marvão
  5. Algarve
  6. Covilhã
  7. Serra da Estrela
"Ginja in Lisboa"
a ginjinha ginja portuguese cherry liqueur licor lisboa lisbon
a ginjinha ginja portuguese famous cherry liqueur licor liquor sour aguardente alcohol shot fruit

As already told above, in Lisboa, you can taste Ginja on many corners. Many small bars sell a shot of this famous Portuguese liqueur. Of course, you also can go for a whole bottle. Make a choice with or without a fruit. The oldest bar is located at Praça de São Domingos, near the Igreja de São Domingos. This was the first one who commercialized the Ginja liqueur. It still is my favorite place in Lisboa to taste a shot of Ginja. I can't make a trip to Lisboa, without making a stop at "A Ginjinha".

"Ginja de Óbidos"
obidos ginja licor chocolate cup portugal silver coast

One of the most famous places of the Ginja is Óbidos. This is a small walled village, around 80 km in the north of Lisboa and with a lot of history. The most famous about Ginja de Óbidos is that they traditionally taste it in a edible chocolate cup. First drink the delicious Ginja liqueur, afterwards eat the chocolate cup.

ginja ginjina obidos licor liqueur portuguese famous chocolate cup copo portugal cereja cherry aguardente
obidos azulejos history ginja licor chocolate
"Serra da Estrela and covilhã"

The Ginja of Serra da Estrela, which is centered around the region of Covilhã, has a protected label, the PDO : the Protected Designation of Origin.

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