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"The largest waves in the world in an old fishertown"

"As ondas mais altas do mundo numa antiga vila de perscadores"

Nazaré is an old fishertown with the largest waves in the world

At the Silver Coast in central Portugal, you can find a lot of beautiful picturesque ancient fishertowns. Here we land in Nazaré, located in the district Leiria. Nazaré has many stunning beaches, but is also known as the place to be to see the largest waves in the world. The place to be for top surfers.

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Central Portugal



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Nazaré as an old fishertown

Nazaré is an old fishertown in Portugal. This place is a small village at the silver coast in central Portugal, which holds one of the oldest fishing traditions of Portugal and one of the most impressive coastlines of Portugal. Great crescent-shaped beaches with white sand to enjoy the Portugal's Atlantic Coast. The beach of Nazaré is one of the best beaches in Portugal.

best beaches in portugal atlantic ocean nazare silver coast costa de prata high waves

A fishing tradition

As already told, Nazaré is a unique place to discover the typical Portuguese fishing tradition. In the spring, you can enjoy a great spectacle on the beach. This takes place in the late afternoon. While the fishermen arrive with their nets out of the sea, women dressed in wonderful traditional clothes are selling the fish on the beach.

nazare fishertown largest waves beach boat fishing portugal tradition

The rock Sitio

"The rock that rises out of the sea"
nazare fishertown with the largest waves sitio rock

Beside the beach of Nazaré, you find an impressive rock with a height of 318 meters. This rock is called Sitio. Here you have one of the most wonderful views at the Portuguese coast. You can climb this rock by foot, but the way is very steep. An elevator also brings you at the top of this rock which rises out of the sea.

nazare fishertown sitio rock funicular beach viewpoint portugal

The largest waves of the world

"Giant waves in Nazaré"
nazare largest waves of the world atlantic ocean wave onda portugal

Nazaré is also the place to be for surfers. But keep in mind, if you want to surf in Nazaré, you have to be a top surfer. Here they set world records. Because, Nazaré is known for the largest waves in the world. The biggest wave ever surfed was around 26 meters, here in Nazaré.

It is possible to see these largest waves of the world from a safe place. The best viewpoints to enjoy the wave spectacle is on the Sitio, next to the lighthouse Farol da Nazaré. As well as a little bit further to the north, in the direction of Praia do Norte. Here you can see the spectacle of a wall of waves on the Atlantic Ocean.

nazare fishertown largest waves of the world record farol
nazare is a fishertown with the largest waves of the world farol wave portugal onda

Visit the tradition and largest waves of Nazaré

As you read above, Nazaré is a wonderful location to visit and discover. Wonderful beaches with white sand as well as the largest waves of the world. Nazaré is located at the silver coast between Caldas da Rainha and Leiria. Best way to reach this wonderful place is by car or bus. The shortest airport is the international airport of Lisbon. Click the buttons below to plan your perfect trip to Nazaré as an old fishertown with the largest waves in the world.

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