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June Festivities

“Celebrate and connect together”

“Festeje e conecte juntos”

Celebrate and connect together in June

June is the month to celebrate and connect together. Experience the spirit of unity in Portugal, where a lot of festivities take place from the north to the south and from the west coast to the east. Portugal comes to life in June with a lot of memorable party events. Check out our comprehensive list of the top festivities and join the celebration. So, join us and let’s celebrate and connect together in June.


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The National Day of Portugal

June 10 : Connect with Camões

june festivities 10 junho dia de portugal
“The national day, Camões and the Portuguese community”

First, we start with the only non-catholic event in this list. June 10, is the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese community. Or in Portuguese: “O Dia de Portugal, de Camões e da communidade portuguesa”. Or in other words, this is the National Day of Portugal. Commemorate the rich history and heritage of Portugal by joining the National Day of Portugal. Don’t miss out this exciting opportunity to celebrate Portugal’s culture and community.

“A tribute to Luís de Camões”

Aside of the national day, it is a tribute to the great Portuguese poet Luís de Camões. He died on June 10, 1580. Luís de Camões wrote the most famous Portugal’s epic work: “Os Lusíadas”.

“Dia da Raça”

Previously, in the period of the “Estado Novo”, from 1933 till the Carnation Revolution in 1974, this day was to celebrate the Portuguese race. In this dictatorial period, they called it as “Dia da Raça: a raça portuguesa ou dos portugueses”.

Every year, another city is the home of the huge celebrations. The President of Portugal will be present in this city for the tribute with a lot of parades.

The Popular Saints

“Os Santos Populares”

June 12 : The day before Saint Anthony

“The brides of Santo António”
june festivities 12 junho brides of santo antonio saint anthony marriages

The day before Saint Anthony, 12 June, is marked with the famous marriages of Saint Anthony. Also known as “The Brides of Saint Anthony”, or in the Portuguese language “As Noivas de Santo António”.

“16 Wedding couples”

Experience the magic of love as 16 lucky couples take part in the Weddings of Saint Anthony. These couples make their weddings unforgettable by participating in this prestigious event, which is broadcasted live on the Portuguese television RTP. So, all the couples become famous in the country due to their wedding. This high-profile event takes place in the Camera Municipal of Lisboa and afterwards in the Sé of Lisboa, the Cathedral of Lisboa.

June 13 : Celebrate Saint Anthony

“The Saint Anthony Marches”

June 13, this maybe is the most important day during the Festas dos Santos Populares. IFor the Portuguese community, it is the time to celebrate and connect together with Saint Anthony, Santo António. Saint Anthony is born in Lisboa on August 15, 1193 or 1195. His year of birth is not certain. He died on 13 June, 1231 in Padua. So this is a tribute on the day of his death.

“Patron of the people”

Saint Anthony is the patron of Portugal and the second patron of Lisboa. He is revered as the patron of weddings, couples, family, pregnant women, poor and oppressed people and for lost objects. So, Saint Anthony is the saint of all good things, born in Lisboa and has a name day at the beginning of the summer. What do you think must he have more in a South-European Catholic country? So, Santo António is the patron chosen by the people themselves. The Lisboetas are so proud on their patron that they celebrate the whole month of June. Come and join these huge parties to get a memorable impression of the real Portuguese culture and lifestyle.

june festivities atmosphere largo square connect together
“Events anywhere in the city”

Join the huge colorful celebrations of Saint Anthony in Lisboa. This is the moment to immerse yourself in the real Portuguese culture. On June 13, there are a lot of marches through the city. They start from the many neighbourhoods, going to the Avenida Liberdade and so in the direction of Rossío. Colors, dancing, music and joy, you’ll all find it here. Don’t miss them, be there and immerse yourself in the typical Portuguese atmosphere. Discover the vibrant colors and energy of Lisbon’s famous neighbourhoods. Enjoy delicious food and drinks at the typical squares. Finally celebrate and connect together with the locals the whole night long.

june festivities castle sao jorge santo antonio saint anthony celebrate together
“Saint Anthony comes out of his church”

Also, another famous marche is the Saint Anthony marche. Santo António comes out of his church in the Alfama. This church is built on his birthplace.

“Sardinhas, sardinhas, sardinhas”

Famous food in this period are “Grilled Sardines” with a little bit bread and a beer. Enjoy! Also Bifanas is a very popular streetfood. Finally, you have to go for a cup of Ginja!

“Typical atmosphere”

The neigbourhoods with the most atmosphere are: Alfama, Mouraria, Graça and Bica. These neighbourhoods are decorated with full of color, bars and places where locals grill their famous sardinhas.

june festivities fado restaurant color gerlands
june festivities together party festival gerlands streets
june festivities alfama celebrate connect together junho santos populares

Be prepared to sing, dance and enjoy yourself a whole night long!

June 24 : Connect together with São João

“The saint closest to Christ”

This is the birth date of São João Batista, Saint John the Baptist. So, this day, they celebrate the saint who stood the closest to Christ. He was the first to recognize Christ as the Messiah. It is more in the north of the country that they celebrate São João, especially in Porto.

“Plastic hammers”

The way to celebrate is parallel with these of Saint Anthony. In the typical neighbourhoods, there also are traditional parties with a lot of color and happiness. The best atmosphere can be found in the Miragaia, Ribeira with the Sé (Cathedral) and Fontainhas. In the past, the revelers beat each others with leeks. Now, they use plastic hammers for this unique tradition.

june festivities porto balloon hot air connect celebrate together
june festivities atmosphere santos populares celebrate connect together
“Hot air balloons and fireworks and morning bath”

The headline of this festival is at the midnight from June 23 to June 24. At that moment, you have to be at the Douro river. There are a lot of fireworks on the river and they release many colorful hot air balloons. So, take a drink and look for a nice place near the river for this wonderful spectacle.

Finally, a lot of people go to the beach to see the sunrise or to take a “morning bath” in the Atlantic Ocean. This is very traditional.

June 29 : Celebrate together with 2 Saints

“2 Saints together”

The last popular saint they celebrate in June is São Pedro, Saint Peter. June 29 is the day of his death. But, this day has 2 famous saints. It also is known as the day of Saint Paul. Recognized as 2 of the most celebrated saint in the Catholic Church, Saint Peter and Saint Paul are often remembered together. On June 29, Catholic people pay homage to both their impact on religion and spirituality. Many churches are dedicated to both these saints together. Saint Peter was a disciple of Jesus and a fisherman. So, the most places at a coastline on the world have a chapel dedicated to Saint Peter. The first Pope of the Catholic Church, took his name as a nickname.

“Other regions”

Saint Peter is more celebrated elsewhere over the country. Popular places for Saint Peter Festivals are Sintra and Évora, 2 famous UNESCO places. Since the 19th century, they celebrate 2 saints in Évora. Already from the 16th century, the festival of Saint John is the greatest in the southern part of Portugal. Also on the islands Madeira and the Azores, they have festivals for the Santos Populares.


“Color, food and happiness are common”

All these open air festivities have the following aspects in common:

june festivities manjerico basil plant conect together
  • Colorful marches through the city
  • Streets full of color, party garlands, bars and happiness
  • Eat and drink good streetfood everywhere
  • Give a little sort of Basil plant “Manjerico” to your friend or girlfriend with a message about love, happiness or good luck
  • Jump over bonfire

LGBTIQ+ pride

lgbtiq+ rainbow color connect together
“There is a place for everyone”

Yes, oh yes! Also Lisboa has his own pride for the LGBTIQ+ community. This mostly is around half or the second part of June. The end point of this pride is at Praça do Comércio, at the Tagus river.

Now it is up to you to celebrate

“Time to celebrate and connect together in June”

Finally, now it is up to you! It is time to celebrate and connect together in June in Portugal. Choose your most preferred festival and enjoy your time with color, happiness, good food and a lot of joy. Be happy, have fun and feel the Portuguese culture, passion and hospitality!

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